Sandmon Warriors is a team from Värmlandsnäs in the southern of Värmland, Sweden.

We have taken up the challenge to reach the highest division in Sweden, Allsvenskan. Unfortunately we didn't qualified for the 6th division in our second year, but we planning to do that this year instead. We started our challenge in Hattrick season 22, where we played 3 games in division VIII.161. We did win this division and for season 23 we joined division VII.636. We where the front runner for most of the season, but some bad decisions from the manager at the end of the season resulted in a final 3:rd place. After an excellent year we finished first in our league in season 24 and was promoted to league VI.936. During our first year in division VI we manage to take hold of the fourth place, so we more than happy with our results. The second season went rather good to, but in the end we ended up i sixth place. Although our goal was to avoid sixth place we still ended up there in our third year in division VI:936. Now is it time for our fourth year here in division VI.936, the new teams in our division looks rather good so our goal for this season will be to avoid regulation and to improve the skill level of our defense-players. Season 28 didn't go as planned, we got a lot of improvement on our players but couldn't avoid regulation so now we are going to play in the league VII:976. This league don't look that hard so hopefully we're back in division VI the next season. Suddently the promotion to div VI looks a ot harder, from this season only the first team in div VII will be promoted to div VI. Sandmon Warriors board still counting on playing in div VI next season. Unfortunally have we got a really hard competitor in the first round of the Cup so we don't count on advancing to the next round.

New league, hopefully better results.
After last years bad results we are hopeing for a lot of big victories and a promotion to div VI.

Out of the Swedish Cup, again!
Although the team made an heroic game against a much better opponent, we finally lost on a Golden Goal after playing 10 minutes on extra time. Seeing this preformance we're looking forward with great hope for the new season.